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To start your process in NaProTechnology, you must first learn about your cycles and how to chart them.  A minimum of two or eight weeks charted cycles (with Creighton Model or equivalent method) is necessary to start NaProTechnology (with exception to Post-Partum Depression).  This is because your chart provides crucial information which helps in diagnosis and treatment. You may opt to learn charting with Caring for Fertility LLC or via another provider based on your insurance coverage and preferences.

For Creighton Model (charting):

Introductory Session

Group introductory sessions are complimentary.  These sessions consist of the system overview, education on anatomy and function, and basic charting instructions. Private sessions are available and charged accordingly.

Follow Up Sessions in Learning to Chart

Follow-up sessions will be offered at convenient times for clients and couples.  The first followup is typically two weeks after the introductory session.  There are 8 followups in the first year.  Once these are completed, subsequent followups are provided every 6-12 months or on an as needed basis. 

For NaProTechnology Medical Services:

NaProTechnology use the Creighton Model charting system to diagnose and treat:



-Menstrual cramps

-Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

-Ovarian Cysts

-Irregular/Abnormal bleeding

-Polycystic Ovarian Disease

-Recurrent Miscarriage

-Postpartum Depression

-Hormone abnormalities

-Prematurity prevention

-Chronic discharges

-And other problems


Many of the treatment are just as effective if not more effective as other approaches.  More more information on NaProTechnology, please visit:

I  Do Not Provide or Refer for:

Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART), Abortions, Contraceptives, or Sterilization 

The goal of FertilityCare services is to provide a natural and restorative approach which is scientifically based and abide by Catholic teachings.  ART services that will not be offered include artificial inseminiation, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), use of donor sperm or eggs, and anything that interrupts the natural conjugal act of a couple.

Services are not for Catholic women or couples only

Although Catholic teachings are followed, this approach is available to all faiths and there is no requirement to have a religious affiliation. Each preference will be respected and it will be up to the client whether or not to incorporate faith into care.    

For More Information on Creighton Model please visit:

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